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SAGA’s Mixed Media Competitive Paint Off

1st place winner for

is Monica Moscoso @momodead for her work “Spring Dreams” congratulations Monica! “This painting is inspired by spring, but also at the stage of youth where “the spring of life" allows our thoughts flourish. I used as a young woman (my niece) blooming in youth, intelligence and Beauty. I preferred the tonal base to be bright, as the main color blue representing the strength of the Light at this time of year, using the materials to give it texture. With the result of the mixture of materials, I create a surreal representation of the character” - Moscoso “Monica’s work was expertly rendered and well balanced, it captures your attention instantly.” - anonymous juror.

Thank you to all our artists for competing in the SAGA Mixed Media Competitive Paint Off. We are happy to reward all those who participated in the process and shared their exciting artworks here. The winners will also be getting a special gift in the mail to acknowledge their fame. Thank you to everyone who competed in this fun online event. SAGA plans on having more of these events in the future, please sign up for our newsletter at to be up to date on events like these. Thank you to @opusartsupplies for your generous donations which allowed artists to make so many beautiful works of art

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